Monday, April 30, 2012

Word Up

Carter's officially speaking! He finally picked up on a new sign, too! He'll sign and say "please" (pheeece). He also says "cracker" (kah-kuh) and "juice" (joooce). He's still signing "more", and is starting to do "more, please" together. Plus, a duck says "quack quack" (kack, kack); a chicken says "bok bok"; and an elephant says "phhhhhhhuuuuuh" (I'm not sure how you spell this sound... but this is definitely close, and by far his favorite!) He started all of this wonderfulness in the past week, and we are eating it up! To top it off, kid is chunking up goooood!

Eating/destroying a biscuit

Independent - he's getting into this "I can feed myself" stage


Please pray for Carter, as his ortho surgery will take place Wednesday. It'll be a long procedure, and we'll make sure to update as soon as he's out and doing well. Please pray that this doesn't set us back with our weight gain, and that he will have minimal pain, and great pain management. Please pray for Josh and I as we learn to lug around this child with two casts and keep him happy when he can't do the things he wants to do :) He's going to do great, because he's a trooper, and because we have amazing prayer warriors in our life!

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