Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I was looking through my OEIS group postings and searching for a picture to send another mom to show her on Carter where his colostomy/vesicostomy are placed... and I came across pictures from the NICU. I'm not sure if I shared many of these... he was so fragile and tiny looking! Seeing them made me want to go get him out of his crib and snuggle with him :) We've come a LONG way. To God be the glory!!

WARNING: some of these pics show blood/scars/etc.

Still in the Regional NICU at UAB. This was the day he was born. Pre-surgeries.

Post-op. Omphalacele closure/colostomy placement. I hated that vent, even if it was on room-air. Notice his colostomy output is still just blood.

Still on the vent... so this was maybe day 3 or 4? He wasn't on it very long. Finally had some meconium output in his bag. His belly scar made me so nervous. It was so angry and jagged. It's still not a pretty scar... but it's a healed wound, so I'm thankful!

Vent-free! Way to be! Just suckin' his paci. Check out that poop - and I think his mucous fistula was discharging at this time - freaked us out!!

Handsome little devil :)

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