Monday, July 18, 2011

In & Out

Today we took a trip to Birmingham for urology and nephrology. First stop, 11am was a renal ultrasound. Carter flirted with the tech and it was painless. Next stop, checking in at urology 11:30am. Not sure what time we went back finally, but we got a good report from Dr Joseph - kidneys/ureters/bladder unchanged. We also scheduled Carter's surgery to start descending his testicles for November 29th. He normally does a phased approach in 2 to 3 laproscopic surgeries. Typically, they are out-patient, but because Carter has one kidney, and he has to fast for 8 hours before surgery, they will admit us the afternoon before surgery so they can make sure his electrolytes don't fluctuate from fasting. We'll more than likely stay the night after the surgery, also, to make sure he's stable. We had urology cath Carter while we were there so the lab wouldn't have to...

Next stop was the lab to get blood work done. Approximately 1:15pm. Carter was sleepy... it was nap time. And of course, as soon as he fell asleep they called us back to get stuck. The first girl made one stick.. no good. Next lady got it, but he was mad about her holding him down, and they had to draw four tubes... so there were alot of tears. He fell asleep after that and we headed to our nephrology appointment at 1:45ish. Didn't take long to get back, and Mrs Mary Jane saw us quickly. Potassium was a little low... so we're cutting our kayexalate in half. Iron a little low, so we're adding back an iron supplement - yuck! Carter was ill about being tired, hungry, and them not being able to get a blood pressure, but finally fell asleep again. She said everything looked well - he's growing great... he's in the 80th percentile for weight. And his kidney function is really good. After she checked the UA, she scared us by saying she needed to talk to the nephrologist (new guy, Dr. Feig) since it looked dirty. Since he wasn't running fever and his white cells weren't elevated, they decided to let us go home while the culture grows. They're going to test for yeast growth, which takes longer than most cultures (5 days). She said if it grows yeast that it may explain some of his past infections. Depending on the strain, we may still get to stay home and just do oral meds. Hopefully we're clear though!

We didn't make it to PT, but overall it was a good in & out visit! Once we got home, Carter got to play in the bath.... he loves it! :) Pictures to follow - stay tuned!!

Update - Mary Jane just called and let me know that Carter's definitely got a UTI brewing and yeast is already growing. They're going to let us hang out at home, though, until cultures come back as long as he's not running fever and he's eating well.

Here are some pictures of the happy boy in his bath last night :)

And from a nap Saturday :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Movin' On Up!

This week has been a busy week at the Piatt house. We somehow (more specifically - a miracle) managed to sell our trailer without losing hardly any money on it. We also close on our new house next Friday :) The couple buying our trailer is sweet as can be, and they're purchasing it for their daughter who is 21 and disabled. She'll live in the trailer on their property to give her a little freedom, but they can still be there for her. They're moving the trailer Wednesday, so we're moving out of the tin box this weekend, and into my parent's house. Carter and I moved in last night while Josh was at work, and he'll join us tonight. Carter's got a cute green and pink pack-n-play and he's sleeping in his Uncle Greyson's room! As tiny and confining as it was, I'll be sad to see the trailer go... we've had alot of life changing events in that little tin box. Josh proposed there, I told him we were pregnant there, and it was the first place Carter was brought home to. However, many memories are yet to be made in our new home, and it will definitely provide a larger space for those events :) The yard is massive, so Maverick will definitely be pleased. And there's a screened in back porch that we'll be able to hang out with him in. He's being boarded from Tuesday through Friday, and will have a pampering day while he's there. Please send up prayers for us this coming week - moving is stressful, but we also have appointments at Children's on Monday. We'll be seeing urology and nephrology, to include renal labs and a renal ultrasound. We're trying to work in a stop at PT for a boot stretching... Carter's gained a few pounds in his legs :) so it will be a very long day. Josh may have to work, so my dad will be accompanying me. He's not much for diaper changing or feeding, but Carter loves him and he'll be a big help with driving and hauling stuff. Now that we're on the Carter subject - he is officially 6 months old. We took him this past Saturday to have his pictures made, and boy, did he have fun! He did so well, and we got some great shots. He also rolled over for the first time Sunday! He loves going to school, and gets so excited when he sees his teacher in the morning. He does much better with his feeds at daycare, also... probably because they're more persistent with him. He's down to 4 or 5 bottles a day, and averages about 30 ounces a day.... still a sore spot for me, since nephrology is aiming for 40 ounces for his kidney. I can't wait to see what his renal panels show now that his eating habits have changed. He eats oatmeal and fruit mid-morning, and a vegetable with rice cereal in the evening. I've been making his food myself, and he thoroughly enjoys it. He loves pears, apples, squash, and zucchini.... and sweet potatoes! but those make him a little constipated :-/ We've tried bananas, but avoid them for fear of increased potassium levels.... we're still adding kalexate to his formula to regulate the potassium he gets from his bottles. Hopefully everything will read normal on his bloodwork Monday. Carter was wearing his boots really well for about a month after we had new ones made, but has recently started crying in the middle of the night to have them taken off. We're hoping PT can see us to adjust them so they aren't as tight on his poor chunky legs. And, NEWSFLASH: We've been UTI free for TWO MONTHS! What a blessing!! Our next big step medically is to see about getting referred to Cincinnati Children's colorectal program. We have an appointment with Dr. Harmon, Carter's pediatric surgeon, on August 4th, and will discuss the referral and application then. Please keep us in your prayers as we make big decisions for Carter over the next year, mainly about his colostomy and hips. We are so blessed that he was a full-term, and a rather large baby so we could get all of the immediately necessary surgeries knocked out in his first month of life. He is such a happy boy, and takes everything in stride :)