Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nephrology Issues + RSV

Quick update on C. We went for our renal check-up yesterday with Mary Jane, and we got a lot of information. Here we go...

The Good:

* Carter has gained a pound since his last report card - BOOM!
* He's grown almost a whole inch

The Good/Bad:

* He is now on whole milk, and his potassium level was TOO LOW as opposed to it's normal or semi-high level that he had when we were restricting potassium. This is good and bad, because he needs to maintain normal levels, but it's easier to add in high potassium foods than it is to restrict them. Bring on the 'nanas!

The Bad:

* The acid levels in his blood were a smidge high - nothing too worrisome, but it can affect his appetite, so we're starting a medicine to help level that out.
* His creatinine had jumped another point. They're still not going to dwell on this until it's more of a trend.
* This go-around we were instructed to give Carter his iron EVERY day. For once we were diligent, and expected his levels to be better. However, that was not the case. His levels dropped like a bomb from 46 to 25. We're going for two IV iron infusions next week to try to bring his levels up to normal, and then we'll re-evaluate from there. If his levels continue to drop back below normal, it's likely he has a deficiency of a hormone that the kidneys (in his case - kidney - singular) produce that aids in the absorption of iron. No worries, there's a synthetic hormone option called Epogen - the downside is it only comes in shot form. Eek! Send prayers our way for Monday and Thursday of next week. C is a hard stick, and the first infusion will last 3 hours since they'll monitor him for any adverse reactions.

Josh also took C to the pediatrician today, because he's had an awful cough and drainage (clear) since Sunday. We were hoping it was just a cold from being outside at the competition this weekend....

The Ugly:

* He has RSV. Blah. Breathing treatments ever 4-8 hours. An oral steroid to speed the healing process up. And motrin - kid's running hot. He's out of daycare until at least Monday. Currently he goes back and forth between feeling really crappy with high fever, to spazzing out on an albuterol high. He'll go in for a follow-up with Dr Carlile Monday before we leave for Birmingham for his infusion.

We had two PT appointments scheduled next week, but both happen to fall on days for the infusions, so they'll be rescheduled. He's progressing really well, though. He'll grab his walker and head down the hall like a pro. Practice makes perfect!