Friday, August 14, 2015

Sweet Summertime

Carter is doing so awesome! He's been participating in CrossFit Kids this summer, and he loves working out with his friends. He starts K-4 next week... we are so excited to see how he adjusts to his new classroom and schedule. He'll start back up with physical therapy as well, and I can't wait for his therapist to see the progress he's made in his mobility over the summer!

As far as Carter's current medical status is concerned, he is so stable right now! He just got over Strep throat (yay for regular kid sicknesses!), and we haven't had a UTI in quite a while, which is super exciting since we came off of his prophylactic antibiotic a few months ago. His kidney labs are pretty solid. Iron is still low - we have an infusion on my birthday next Thursday. His inactive vitamin D levels were low, so we've been supplementing that for the past couple of months and hope to see that number higher at his next lab draw. Our nephrology team is working on insurance approval for growth hormones. When we go for infusion next week he has to have a hip x-ray and an endocrine lab study drawn. We checked in with ortho prior to the paperwork process and their only concern was that his scoliosis may worsen slightly with the rapid growth, but they believe the risk is worth the overall benefit.

Carter is so full of life and he makes every day awesome. We love watching him tackle new things fearlessly, stepping out in confidence boldly, and learning to navigate relationships and situations so shamelessly. There are hard parenting days, but we get through it together and adapt for the future. This summer we've had so much fun - we've had lots of pool time, competitions, and ice cream! We're looking forward to the cooler fall weather, football, and camping!

Pray with us:
- Next Thursdays infusion and tests go smoothly
- Carter's bladder and kidney to continue to be healthy
- This momma's needle-shy heart as she prepares to give daily growth hormone injections for an unknown period of time, and for NO adverse side effects
- K-4 adventures and PT progression