Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Quick update - Josh took Carter to the pediatrician's office yesterday to have him weighed. He stayed pretty much the same since his weigh-in two weeks ago with nephrology. Mary Jane said she wasn't super concerned yet, and just to work on building him up to bigger amounts of fattier foods. We started adding the oil in... so far no tummy issues like we had with the chocolate syrup. He still just eats sucky at daycare in the middle of the day. We have no idea why. Maybe distraction? Who knows. ANYWAY... I caught some cute pictures of him this afternoon...

He was a little irritated, and wanted the camera - but look at those baby blues!

"How did I get down here?"

"Mom! Did you see that?!"

I took this a couple weeks ago during bath time. I thought some of you may be curious what a hole-less hiney looks like. That line is not a crack... it's his scar from his tethered cord release. Before that his lower back/butt had no indentions.

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