Saturday, May 5, 2012

Post-op Update

First of all, thank you ALL for your prayers! Carter has done so much better than we anticipated with this surgery. For those of you who weren't following on facebook, I'll start from the beginning.

We had to get up super early to be at Children's by 0530 Wednesday. Carter was scheduled to be first case at 0730.

One Day Surgery waiting area - starting to get hungry!

At about 0630, they took us to the back to change him into a gown and go over all of his medical history. Dr. Conklin came by the get another look at his little feet before he got back in the OR with him. He also went over with us again everything he planned on accomplishing in the surgery.

I'm so hungry...

...and kinda sleepy.

Anesthesia came by the check in and make sure we didn't have any questions - one of the nurses was pretty sure she'd taken care of him before :) We like to hear that before a surgery. Right around 0730 his OR nurse came to walk us to the OR, and he went to her just fine (he must've thought she was taking him to food). It made it much easier on us that he walked away talking and pointing, and not crying.

They got him to sleep with no complications, and the surgery started at 0820. Our OR nurse, Katie, was wonderful about checking in with us every hour or so. By 1100 we got a visit from the resident working with Dr Conklin, Dr Moore, and he let us know that they accomplished everything they'd planned, and that he was doing well in recovery waking up. It took him a while to wake up all the way, and they gave him some apple juice before we were taken back to PACU to see him (around 1230). Shortly after they took us back, his room was ready, so we headed up to 4West. We had great nurses, and he settled in quickly. Dr Conklin came by late to check on him and speak to us himself. Carter LOVES his doctors. As soon as he walked in the room he was smiling and watching what he was doing. Later in the evening he was a little more alert and let us play with him for a few minutes before he was ready to rest. He found his casts, finally, and was babbling about them and banging on them. He likes that stuff makes noise when he hits them.

Chillin' with his froggy friend

We had prescriptions for lortab and morphine for pain, but never had to mess with the morphine, thankfully. The lortab was strong enough to relax him and keep him comfortable but not cause him to be too drowsy or nauseous. The first night was rough... he could not get comfortable to sleep. We were trying to keep his feet elevated to reduce swelling, but he's a belly sleeper, so it wasn't happening. He was mad at his bracelets, and mad at his IV. I spent most of the night up and down with him until Josh took over at 5am-ish. Dr Conklin and Dr Moore came by early to let us know his feet looked great with minimal swelling, and told us what to watch for at home. After that they started getting our stuff together for discharge! This was by far the easiest hospital stay we've ever had. We were on the road by 0900!

Happy to be in the car - finally some good sleep!

He was much more comfortable when we got home Thursday afternoon. We were able to do his lortab less often... from every 4 hours to every 6 or more. It's hard to tell if he's actually in pain, or just irritated by the casts. We rode into town that night to get dinner, and to get him out of the house. He likes to go like his momma. Thursday night went better than expected - he slept in his bed and only woke up once at midnight, so I gave him medicine and changed his diaper, and he went right back to sleep until 7am.

Yesterday he was feeling MUCH better. He ate some oatmeal, fruit, and crackers. In the past we've had a rough time starting back on food after surgeries - but this has been a breeze. He felt like playing yesterday, so we threw the ball and played drums. He's so cute laying in the floor watching Disney Junior with his feet propped up on his monkey pillow-pet.

We went grocery shopping yesterday to get him out, stopped by Meemer's office, and later even made it to Greyson's ball game so he could see Papa and Grey.

He didn't sleep quite as well last night - he cried out a few times, but I only got him up for meds and a diaper change at 5 this morning. I put him back down and he slept until 9! He's been such a little trooper. So far today he's done really well - Josh took him running and now he's down for a nap. He figured out he can crawl with the casts... now he's unstoppable! He still gets frustrated that he can't go fast. He's figured out how to get from sitting to his belly, but hasn't figured out sitting back up yet. He'll get there soon, I have no doubt. Today's agenda includes a trip to Target, and maybe a visit to Meemer and Papa's.

Please pray that he'll continue to do well, and that he'll figure out how to maneuver with those giant casts. Pray for me, as I'll have him solo tomorrow while Josh goes to work for his last shift before he has FOUR shifts off (I'm jealous). Keep us in mind Thursday, as we go up again for cast change in clinic. I think he's going to be a booger to get those suckers off and back on while he's awake - we'll see! Enjoy this video of his first trip down the hallway post-op, and have a wonderful weekend!

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