Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cast Change #2 & Haircut #2!

Today we went up to Children's South for our second cast change. C's 4 weeks post-op. We had quite a wait, but he went on his first (of many to come) wagon ride today!

Dr Conklin said everything looks wonderful. The patch of irritation that was on his right foot had healed over beautifully. We talked about our next appointment - he's planning on taking the casts and buttons off, and getting some molds to send off for some professionally made AFOs. We're going to bring our old ones and see if they fit well enough to get us by until the new ones come in... but if not he may have to re-cast him in the interim.


Tongue depressors = distraction

As if we hadn't tortured him enough today... we took him to get another haircut from our favorite hairdresser, Leann! He did alot better this time... and only screamed a little bit.

We went out for Mexican after his haircut, and he was in such a good mood! He even ate some rice and beans off my plate... sorry that the video is on it's side... I always forget to turn my phone...

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