Monday, May 23, 2011

Playing Catch-up

This is a catch-up post :) Our little family has been busy! We only did a 4 day stay for our UTI, so we came home on Thursday. Saturday, my dad and I graduated! I am now officially a college grad - proud owner of a bachelor's degree from Auburn Montgomery. We were so glad Carter was better so he and Josh could both be there. Our week after that was pretty relaxed. He got to try out his bouncy seat, and he LOVES it. And of course, Meemer gave him a bath while we were hanging out over there.

He turned 4 months old while we were in the hospital, so, after clearing it with our nephrologist, we started rice cereal last Friday! He's taken really well to it.

 Let me tell you 'bout my best friend!! :)

Carter stayed with his Meemer Saturday night while Josh was at work and I had my bachelorette party in PC. He had a great time, and Mom had a "first" - Carter's bag started leaking and she had to change it by herself! At least now she's gotten it out of the way so it won't be as stressful for her the next time :)

Carter loves Josh so much. He gets so vocal with him! Here's a video of bath time... he makes alot of noises when he's on his belly.

Tomorrow we head up to Children's to get some new boots from physical therapy, and check in with our nephrologist for a renal panel. Pray that his numbers are good - the wedding is this Saturday, so we need a healthy, happy boy :)

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