Saturday, May 7, 2011

Little ones to Him belong

A few moments ago I was rocking Carter to sleep and singing "Jesus Loves Me," and when I got to this part, it was hard to sing for crying:

"Little ones to Him belong
They are weak, but He is strong"

Now whether you want to interpret "little ones" as children or the whole human race, it doesn't matter - the fact that God loves us so much that he willingly sent his Son to die for us is overwhelming. His grace is what enables us to have faith, and to me, faith is the greatest source of strength on the planet. Without our faith, Josh and I could not have handled this past year. God has blessed us in so many ways - he's given us an amazing support system, a beautiful boy with an absolutely precious personality, and the chance to share our story with others in an effort to prove that He still works miracles today!

Back to that "amazing support system" part - Josh and I would like to thank everyone that has been there for us. So many prayers have been said for our little family, and so much love has come our way! We were in Joe Mama's the other night, and an MFD firefighter whom Josh had never met, came up to us and told us that he was so glad to see Carter and that he was doing well, and that he has his Sunday school class pray for us every week. We're so thankful that Josh is a part of such a supportive group of men. Anytime we have to check in to the hospital, he'll get ten phone calls from his guys at the station, asking if we need anything and finding out if everything's okay. These men are great, and have become an extension of our family!

I'll wrap up with a picture of this little sleepy angel .

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