Sunday, March 4, 2012


Today mom, Greyson, and I took Carter to church for the first time. I've been avoiding this because I was worried about him being in the nursery and him leaking, or not eating well, or any other slew of things that could complicate his stay during church. Then, my old vice principal and math teacher told my mom about Shoal Creek (which we'd planned on visiting anyway...) and said they had a pager system for the nursery. Pager system = peace of mind. Knowing that they could page me to come get him easily if something went wrong was all I needed. So, we ventured to church this morning, and he LOVED it. He cried when I dropped him off in the nursery, as I explained the "surprise anatomy" they may encounter on him, but a friend told us he was playing in no time after we left. He was all smiles when we picked him up after the service. All in all, a very successful first time, and we'll definitely be back now that we've conquered the initial outing :)

Carter will have labs drawn again this week to make sure his potassium has leveled out. He's finishing up an antibiotic from having bronchiolitis last weekend while Josh and I were gone, and he sounds SO much better. Mom said it was amazing to see him today in such a good mood and feeling so good, since he was so miserably sick the whole time she had him. Thank God for medical and pharmaceutical advancements :) The end of this month is coming quickly, and we'll be heading to Birmingham to have another set of x-rays done to see if Carter's bones in his feet are ready for surgery. Pray for me to have peace about this surgery - it makes me hurt to think about it. Here's a cute picture of him trying his hardest to get his feet in his mouth, though his crazy hips won't allow him to do it!

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  1. Prayers for good results this week on all the tests and his upcoming surgery. Happy he is feeling better. Your mom us looking great too. Your family us awesome and I miss and love you guys! What great news on the awesome church and Carter loving it too!