Friday, February 17, 2012

Busy Boy

Okay, an update on Carter - we'll start off with the medical stuff. Last week we had labs re-drawn in Montgomery, and MJ called the next day to let us know that his potassium had creeped up a little more than she wanted, but we could hold tight without the medicine. We'll re-draw the beginning of March to see if it's stabilized anymore. At the end of March we have an appointment with Dr. Conklin to have more x-rays done to see if Carter's little feet are ready for surgery. I'm very anxious for this surgery, but know that it needs to be done as soon as possible - because this boy is ready to GO! He's going to be an ill boy with casts on, but I hope we can get him out of them by the time my parents open their pool for the summer.

Along those same lines, Carter pulled up to his feet this past Sunday by himself :) I don't even think he realized he did it... he was so focused on getting his daddy's cup. He's also started eating a little better, and even will eat some meats now. I'm trying to teach him to sign, and he finally picked up on "more" and signs it when he's eating! He is now proficient at sitting himself up and playing, and he loves to dance and sing. He also will throw a toy out of view and put his little hands up as if to say "Where'd it go?". I turned his carseat around the other day, and he absolutely loves being able to face forward and look out the window. He's finally got "Da-Da" down, and he loves to ride on DaDa's shoulders around the house!

Next weekend Josh and I are taking a vacation to Gatlinburg, and Carter will stay with his Meemer. We need the break, and I know he'll have a blast spending the weekend with his Uncle Greyson.

Please remember to keep Brenna in your prayers - she's been readmitted to the NICU due to a stomach bug. Also, remember our friend Carter Cline, as he's been transferred to Children's Hospital in Cincinnati for some intestinal issues that they've been battling for far too long. And, last, but not least - keep in mind Little Bird - they are fast approaching the unannounced date of her homecoming! Pray that things continue to run smoothly for them as they prepare to bring their sweet girl home.

Did I mention Carter has not been sick with a UTI since his urology surgery in November? Praise the Lord! Maybe it's the cranberry additive in his oatmeal everyday, or the probiotic in his first bottle - or maybe he's just outgrowing them! Regardless, we are so thankful to have been out of the hospital for such a long stretch.

Pictures from Valentine's Day fun!

Carter and I got Daddy a giant Toblerone!

Dressed in red for school

Mommy got flowers from Papa at work

And Carter helped Daddy pick some out for her, too :)

This is Carter's super-cool Toy Story light-up Valentine's mailbox that he took to school... and he also delivered valentines to the girls at Millbrook Eyecare!

Playing with his V-day gift from Meemer

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