Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MRI Results

Today we had an appointment with Dr. Harmon to have our MRI on Carter's lower end read. He explained to us that it showed none of the muscles necessary to control a bowel movement. This would make it extremely difficult to do bowel management if we were to attempt a pull-through. His recommendation was that we fore-go the surgery and stick to the colostomy, since it works for us. We'll take it one step at a time, and may end up having to do revisions or move sites for his stoma as time goes on, but so far we have had no issues with prolapse or strictures, which is good. We weren't completely surprised by this news, and we're okay with the bag - it's a part of our life now. And quite frankly, this little guy is going to be happy regardless of where his poop comes out.

This boy had a good day at the hospital, overall... he was flirting and talking with everyone. Dr. Harmon was impressed with how his personality has blossomed since he last saw him.

Here are some fun pictures that we've taken since Christmas.

Carter went to Cate and Carson's birthday party, and I got this sweet shot of Cate.

Uncle Greyson's a natural like his sister.

Carter wanted to hold the pony, but didn't like the way it's hair felt :)

I'm hoping to get a post out this week about HIS birthday party... I just have to snatch my dad's memory card! Stay tuned. Next week we see Mary Jane for a kidney report card!

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