Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Long Lost

All of our family is in town this week for our big celebration of our nation's independence, to include one of my favorites - my aunt Me-Me. Melanie came up for Carter's delivery. She has an extensive nursing background and it made us more at ease to have her there since we knew we'd be facing some sort of medical issues. Tonight I was looking through old pictures of Carter's early days in the hospital to have printed for our story to be used to encourage people to give to the United Way through the Combined Federal Campaign. More on that at a later date. Anyway, while searching through pictures dad asked if I'd seen the pictures Aunt Me-Me took of the delivery. I had not ever worked up the courage to look through them. So tonight, finally, I pulled up those long lost pictures of Carter's entrance into the world. I can't put into words exactly the flood of emotions I had while flipping through the final pictures taken of my swollen, very pregnant body. The snow that we battled to make it to my induction appointment. Josh by my side, holding my hand while they put my IV in. The monitors that showed whether C and I were stable or in distress. The crowded room of nurses, doctors, and students as I brought a new life into the world. Their serious faces as they made sure that life was secure and stable. My sweet boys tiny organs outside of their intended home. (This, i never saw in person, and I'm so glad my aunt captured that photo). The relief I felt when I heard his little wimpy cry. The crowd of people making a hole so I could see him across the room before they rushed him to the NICU. I was absolutely overwhelmed. Love for my sweet boy. Grateful for Josh being so strong and supportive every second of the way, and for my mom and aunt for being there as well. Thankful for the skill of the doctors and nurses that got us through those critical moments. Humbled that I serve such a mighty God that made those pictures "long lost." Long lost are the days of worry and fear. Long lost are the days of uncertainty and sickness. My little man is healthy and strong. I am so blessed to be this child's mother. One tiny life rocked my world, and I will never be the same. Sweet Carter, thank you for making Momma strong, for bringing me to my knees in prayer, and teaching me how to love beyond measure.

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